Beauty in form and function

I get so proud (pronounced envious) when i see really smart people create well conceived products, then package it all up in a restrained execution. As cyclists, it was staring at us the whole damn time, and we all missed it. All but one.Stumbled across an article on The Age to find Melbourne bike accessory business Knog had... Read More

Volero Recut

Firstly thanks for everyone that has supported our project from the start.  Being able to share our collections with people all over the world has been a humbling experience, and drives us both to push even harder with our next range. Over the next few months you will begin to... Read More

Introducing Volero

Hello and welcome to Volero. We are a Melbourne based premium cycling apparel brand - Designed in Australia, Made in Italy.  Volero was created by Matt (me) and my brother Joe, passionate cyclists and day-to-day graphic designers. Our journey started a year and a half ago, when we found there was a need for well... Read More